CFNetwork 2.0

Today, I am announcing an overhauled version of the CFTools Network, our account and management system.

Reworking the CFNetwork account system and its many under-the-hood changes were thoroughly anticipated and essential to the future development of other CFTools systems.

The most prevalent difference is the change in our design philosophy and general mobile optimization. It is now fully mobile compatible and bug-free on almost any browser and device configuration.

While the front end changes are the most noticeable, the back end received a massive overhaul that aims to improve availability and reduce load times. Along with new diagnostic capabilities, it is now much easier for us to identify low performing aspects and improve upon them more quickly. All these technical changes will be applied to the ControlPanel as well in an upcoming update.

The CFAPI also underwent some significant changes and is now more tightly integrated into the CFTools ecosystem. To profit from these changes, there will be an update to the CFDZPlugin shortly, which moves some aspects of it to the CFAPI. This update will also include some much-needed improvements to the core functionality and availability, making that system much more reliable.

With this update, there will also be a policy change regarding account creation and service distribution. Currently, nobody is forced to enter any contact information to acquire a service. The most recent maintenance showed, how important informing every user is, as there were over 100 messages during that period, asking about the situation. To achieve better communications, the CFNetwork will now require an email address for all existing and new accounts.

Lastly, I also have a somewhat personal matter to address. Creating, maintaining, testing, designing and supporting CFTools as a project and it's various systems takes a lot of time and effort and is not always very pleasant to do. While I am very efficiently and delicately delegating monetary resources, there has been a steady downtrend in donations in contrast to the increase in the userbase. If you or your community do have some money to spend, please consider supporting CFTools. You can find a donation link in either the CFNetwork or the ControlPanel in the left lower corner.



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