A new chapter

The project CFTools began in 2017 and is now going for four years. It has grown larger ever since. A small side project with two users is now rather large with over 1.500 registered servers. Over the years, the work required to maintain and support the project and its infrastructure increased heavily. To put that in numbers: From January 2020 to December 2020, there were over 8.000 tickets and uncountable Discord messages. The ecosystem now consists of over 130.000 lines of code and runs on 21 servers on three continents. While I mostly use the "we" form in official communications, only I (Philipp) maintain and support everything. At this point, I would like to thank everyone who has supported the project over the years. Without this support, the project would not have become what it is today. For this, I am very thankful.

The platform in its current state was never designed for the current user count and level of usage it sees. Additionally, long-awaited features are not possible due to the technical architecture.

To sustain and further grow and realize all the features everyone wants, I had to make a few decisions for the better of the project. There are a few factors that require changes to the structure on both an organizational and technical level.

To address the organizational part, I decided to incorporate. The company will take over CFTools operations and all of its intellectual property. 

For the technical part, I would like to announce "CFTools Cloud." The successor of CFTools Omega. For the past ten months, I have been working on an entire rewrite of the core infrastructure. It is faster, more reliable, and comes with a brand new and better-looking user interface.

I can more rapidly deploy new features and also have a solid base for the time to come. CFTools Cloud will take over the CFTools Omega operations, and CFTools Omega will shut down. CFTools Cloud will be a subscription-based service. You can enjoy every feature that exists right now in Omega and many new features and general improvements. I understand that not everyone can pay for such a service. There will still be a free option, but it will be limited to 1 server. Due to the subscription model, the resources available should no longer be a problem in providing every game server with adequate administration.

As this step is drastic, there will be a transition phase. Omega will continue to run up until 10.05.2021. On 30.04.2021, I will bring down some systems for maintenance and move everything over to CFTools Cloud. What this means for you: You will have time until 10.05.2021 to either prepare for the subscription model or look for alternative administration software. CFTools Cloud will be open to the public on 30.04.2021, and you will be able to purchase a subscription and move over your servers. Sadly, we cannot import all current datasets, so you will have to re-add all your servers and settings.

Another announcement I want to make is that OmegaManager will be replaced with an overhauled system in 2021. The new system will bring some much-needed upgrades to the system. Right now, OmegaManager will branch out into two versions: ServerManager and OmegaManager. ServerManager will get everything CFTools removed and will be unmaintained. OmegaManager will get updated to work with CFTools Cloud, but support will only be provided to individuals with a CFTools Cloud subscription.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you will stay with us.

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