2020, the year so far and road ahead

The year so far has been quite intense for the project. We have deployed our first few systems in ASIA to better cover their growing server population, almost doubled the user counts in comparison to last year and CFTools now processes over 60 % of DayZ's private server player traffic.

With the growing user- and server count we are experiencing performance issues more often. Quite frankly, the entire system was not built for this amount of usage. The project has grown from a small hobby project to something that majorly takes time and patience to maintain and support. Our current infrastructure is running on 9 different servers in 3 different continents.

At this scale, the small bandaid fixes and performance updates we are trying to implement are just not enough. Sadly, there is no recipe or blueprint for creating a highly flexible and scalable system of this nature, so we mostly resorted to customized solutions, which are not always the best performance-wise.

These issues have been quite apparent over the last few months and we have not yet properly addressed any of this.
Since February this year, we have concluded that we have to take action and tackle all of this at its root and thus decided to re-engineer CFTools and its entire infrastructure. The original groundwork for Omega and everything was created back in 2017 and since then we have learned from our early design mistakes.
With the new approach, we can scale almost every component individually, easily, and flawlessly. This will also open up room for better and cooler feature updates that have been long requested.

Creating everything from scratch comes at a cost though. Time (and money). And this is why we have been so silent and updating the current systems less frequently. We are currently in schedule with the entire undertaking. While we do not want to release a schedule for anything yet, a closed (and later public) beta will release before the end of this year.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this blog post.


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