A lot has changed since I first started working on CFTools and the project has grown ever since. I never expected such growth and not anticipated the challenges that come from this.

To date there are over 800 service workers running and Omega is covering over 50 % of all private DayZ player traffic with spikes to 50 % overall coverage. This brings a lot of architectural challenges as many are depending on the functionality of the service. To cope with the sheer load of the entire ecosystem I will have to continually adapt the systems and improve its performance.

This process of improvement will start now. Over the last month I redesigned the data structure of all systems and developed a transition strategy. On 19.02.2020 there will be an extended maintenance period of 2 hours starting at 06:00 CET to around 08:00 CET during which I migrate the database systems and push updates to all systems. During this period the tools will go through several power cycles and the web interfaces will only be partially available.

Furthermore following systems will be retired and/or replaced:

  • Evidence upload

    The evidence upload is currently a large issue since it was not designed for the amount of data uploaded. It will be replaced by a new system more capable of handling those files. Sadly all currently uploaded evidence will be deleted in the process, so they need to be backed up before the mentioned maintenance.

  • Discord Bot Nickname change

    The option to change the bot nickname from the ControlPanel will be retired as it is causing major issues in the bots workflow as Discord is extremely hard on rate-limits for this option.

All this is crucial in continuing to support the large amount of admin and player traffic and I am sorry for any inconveniences caused by this.


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