2019 - Annual statement

The year 2019 had a lot of ups and downs, most notably the release of the new ControlPanel and Omega rewrite, which quite frankly fit in both categories. These changes might seem unnecessary or over extensive for the outside world but were quite essential to support the growth the project has seen during this year.

In 2019, Omega processed over 40.000.000 player sessions and is now handling up to 50 % of all private DayZ player traffic. The OmegaManager has been installed over 1.400 times and over 600 installations are running right now.

Even though I like to look at the here and now, it is important to look at the future and have a roadmap for the time to come. Here are some bullet points from my roadmap on what is to be expected for 2020:

  • New CFTools ServerManager [~ Q2]
  • Improved statistics [~ Q2]
  • Public and fully open tools (Server list, server profiles, analytical Steam Workshop tools and more) [~ Q3]
  • User preferences and web interface settings for a more personalized experience [~ Q3]
  • Server teams and permission groups [~ Q3]
  • A new feature website for the new ServerManager and Omega [~ Q3]
  • Mobile optimizations for CFNetwork and ControlPanel [~ Q4]
  • Rust support [~ Q4]
  • Documentation [ongoing effort]

Another goal that I set for the project is to improve the overall availability of all systems. Even though this year the lowest system availability was at around 95 %, I would like to see this number be even higher next year.

At this point, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and continued support with the project over the last year and wish all of you happy holidays.


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